Important Workers Compensation Information Injured Workers Should Know

Worker’s compensation insurance covers employee accidents and injuries that occur on the job. Every company that hires five or more part-time or full-time employees must carry the coverage. And while it should be simple to file a workers comp claim after an injury, workers so often find that it’s far more difficult than they realized it’d be. Although not every case requires a workers compensation attorney oregon many cases are greatly enhanced with the legal expertise that an attorney brings.

Do You Need a Workers Comp Lawyer?

Not every worker’s comp case needs legal help, but many people will find themselves looking for a lawyer. Call a worker’s comp attorney if:

·    You have sustained severe or permanent injuries.

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·    Doctors say that you will not return back to original, full health after the injury.

·    The injury has caused you to suffer permanent disability.

·    You don’t believe that you are getting the benefits that you are entitled to receive.

·    You do not understand the process.

·    Your claim for benefits has been denied.

The situations above are a few of the many when a lawyer can come to your aid to help in a worker’s compensation matter. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to schedule a free consultation if any of the above scenarios apply, if you have questions, or simply want the assurance that comes after speaking to a lawyer.

Get the Help That You Need

When an attorney is by your side, it’s easy to get the justice that you need when you’ve been injured at work. It is what you have rightfully earned as an employee of the company; don’t let your claim needs go unmet. Lawyers make sure that you get the help that you need, when it is needed.