Can I Get My Engagement & Wedding Ring Back in the Divorce?

When a marriage comes to an end, it’s oftentimes met with each party wanting to reclaim as many of the belongings they own, including those acquired jointly. Some even go as far as asking a judge to grant them the engagement and wedding rings in the divorce decree. They want the rings back for many reasons, oftentimes simply due to overflowing emotions. If this is something that you are looking to get back, don’t look at a family court to help you.

Once you give a ring to your spouse and proceed with the marriage, the item becomes their property. You cannot then take the item back for any reason, even when you get upset at the person or in the event the relationship ends. Don’t get married if you cannot accept that it is a gift to your lover, no matter how much money you spent on the rings or if the marriage comes to an end.

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You can create a prenuptial agreement before you get married if you want the rigs returned to you in the event the marriage dissolved. The prenuptial agreement should clearly outline that you want the rings returned and any stipulations surrounding this return. Without a prenup agreement, there isn’t much of a case for you to fight in court.

So, you can talk to a family lawyer oklahoma city ok if special circumstances surround your case. However, there is little hope that a judge will grant the rings to you once a marriage ends. Your best bet is to talk to your spouse about the rings if there is a legitimate reason for the request for them back or ensure that you’ve properly arranged for the return of the rings ahead of time.